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Miranda, Blake & Scott Hendricks

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She married into an Okie family…


She married into an Okie family…

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Ok… That’s adorable.

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Blake & Miranda’s Survival Guide to Wedding Bliss

1. Treat Her Like a Queen

-Blake happily caters to his wife’s needs when they’re watching TV at home. “She’ll pick up her cup every once in a while [and shake it] and I go get her a drink,” he says “Just slavin’ she loves it.”

2. Make Beautiful Music Together

- They cowrote her tune “Over You,” a tribute to his late brother, which was released last year on Four The Record; in February the couple performed “America The Beautiful” at the Superbowl in Indianapolis 

3. Always Show Affection 

- They’re not afraid of PDA, whether it comes in the form of a kiss (like this one at an ACM preparty) or an online blast. “She IS on fire” Shelton tweeted about his wife in April

4. Coordinate Your Schedules

- She’s been on tour; he was in L.A. for The Voice. But they never spend longer than two weeks apart. “It’s the limit.” he says 

5. Don’t Forget Your Friends

- Blake may be her No. 1 but Miranda spends plenty of girl time with Pistol Annie’s who in August released Hell On Heels an album with rowdy anthems 

6. Share Hobbies

- Blake and Miranda bond over there love of hunting- they even served wedding guests venison they bagged themselves

7. Practice Parenting

- Their kids, for now, are their six dogs, Betty, (pictured) has even toured with Mom

8. Have Him Pick Up The Tab

- “[When we] go out to eat, I conveniently forget my wallet,” Miranda says, “and he has to pay!”

9. Don’t Get Jealous

- Her reaction to him flirting with Scarlett Johanasson on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: “I would too.” she tweeted

10. Bring Home The Gold

- Their wedding rings may be the lucky charms: Since saying “I do,” the couple have won a combined eight big country music awards: three CMTs, three ACMs, and two CMAs.

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Love has no *height* limits…

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"One time, he was like, ‘Three of my drawers are your clothes. I love you, but this is my tour bus. Can I have a drawer back?’"
Miranda Lambert (takin’ over Blake’s bus) (USA Today)

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'Cause I'm not easy to understand But you know me like the back of your hand I'm your girl and you're my man And we're makin' plans….

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Back when Miranda used to give us updates on what she was doing with her life…

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Oh Blake… He’s an idiot.


Oh Blake… He’s an idiot.

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