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Aw :) Blake talks about being in love with Miranda. <3

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People (September 29, 2014 Issue)

People (September 29, 2014 Issue)

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“I feel excited to be married. When I see Blake playing with his wedding ring, it reminds me that somebody has my back forever.”

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Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert in 2009 and 2013

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Get to Know Me Meme

Favorite Relationships [1/5]: Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

"I asked Blake, ‘Dude, why didn’t you tell me I got fat?’ He said, ‘It’s not my job to tell you you’re fat. It’s my job to tell you you’re beautiful.’"

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Blake Shelton - Neon Light (Official Video)

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I have sat back and watched y’all bash my idol for months now and I don’t normally do this, but I’ve decided I wanted to get my word out there. I know I will probably get some hate for this, but I don’t care, it needs to be said. I don’t even know where to begin because…

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Get To Know: Miranda Lambert (insp.)

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See, Rae gets it


See, Rae gets it

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Ain’t that the truth.

Ain’t that the truth.

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Miranda’s Performance on Fashion Rocks

September 9, 2014

Song: Little Red Wagon

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You only love me for my big sunglasses

You only love me for my big sunglasses

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Miranda & Her Fellow 2014 CMA Awards Entertainer of the Year Nominees

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Anonymous said:

Guess who has #1 album in country this week? Miranda Lambert!! The iTunes sale helped her just get by Brad and Luke. #13 on all genre and #1 on country. Pretty, pretty EXCITING!!

Yay!! <3 So miranda!